Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Musings from My computer

Well I've so much to do and so little time to do it in! It's 39 days till my wedding and I've been getting lazy on all the to do's! (I think I get so much going and then get discouraged because none is actually getting done! LOL :-) need to get out of that habit!)

Went down to Pa on Sunday and started working on the Youth Christmas Program there I think it will be good even though we are few in number (5 to be exact!) We're going to call in another friend of ours who sings and does a good job and is also holiness and he's gonna do a few songs too and I think we came up with a mixed quartet with My fiance, Myself, Matt (a part of the youth group), Eric (the singer we mentioned). I have to come up with the story Tin Can Valley since I will be telling it! The program is the Sunday before our wedding (yeah crazy I know but o well that's what worked out!) Bud and I plan on having the youth over to our house after the program which could be very interesting considering how very small it is! I think my parents may be there also and then me and my family will return to Ohio for one more week of Wedding stuff and then it'll all be over! LOL

Went wedding shopping yesterday and came up with some good ideas! I absolutely love Pat Ca Tans! They're awesome. The floral ladies offered to help me with my bouquets and stuff whenever I get to going on them!
Well I better get off here and get something done! LOL My mom put a loaf of bread in the bread machine and it's sooooo good! I had a fresh hot piece or two earlier , I really need to stop that because I won't fit my wedding dress then boo hoo! :(
Gotta run ttyl! I'll post some new pics of our house when I get some! It looks more lived in now since Bud is living there! He's got a big stereo system and it makes the place thump big time! He barely has to turn it up!