Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mooooooving, Moving up to PA Land

Bud came and got a few pieces of furniture on Thursday and Mom and I ended up jumping in the car and following him out to the house and spending the night there. He hadn't officially moved into the house yet but now he's there as of last night! He says he likes in there because it's quiet! And you'd have to know the house he lived in before with all the kids there was hardly ever a quiet moment unless they were all sleeping! LOL

Yeah so I had my bebo account hacked into and someone sent out videos from You-Tube with it crazy people!

Well I have a short time at home today because of a long shift at work (Still only 8 hours) but it seems like more! They are cutting my hours so pray I can find work quickly out in PA! I'm thinking of possibly transferring my job out there to a Giant Eagle but I'm not crazy about it but if that's what works out that's what goes!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope for America

Yes this morning as I write to my blog I am more than a little upset with the majority of America, yet I'm still hopeful because God can turn this around and use it for the best. We as Christians need to get on our knees for our new president and pray that He will make the right decisions! God is still on the Throne and He's not forgotten His own!
If you think back to the time of the Great Depression it was democrat that brought this country out of that yes He wasn't the best either but the country still survived! We can survive this! Does it still scare me? Yes it does and makes me want to pray harder!
But we will still have very important decisions to make as Americans in the next few years, are we going to sit Idly by and let President-Elect B. Obama do what he wants with America or are we going to fight with all that is within us? Remember that Obama can propose bills but can't pass them in the same breath! He still will have the Congress, Senate, And House to go through! ( and yes I know most are now democrat!) But God has given us His promise and we'll still hold to that! There is still hope for America! We need to rally and pray for our leaders!
I do not mean that I'm behind Barack Obama 100% (I'm hardly behind him .01%!) because that's a lie! I don't agree with what he agrees with and never will. But we still need to pray for him as he leads our country! I wanted to cry for Sarah Palin and John McCain because certainly they have fought the good fight! God can still use them!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Woes!

Wow election day is here! I went and cast my vote earlier this morning then had a bunch of errands to run. Now I'm home and going to get busy on wedding stuff till I have to be at work this afternoon!

I've had a peace today about the election and I believe it's God given. God is the author of peace and not confusion and it doesn't help to worry about something you have no control over!

Anyways this is a short post but I really need to get busy! I have so much packing for moving to do and everything. I have 3.5 weeks of work left then 3.5 weeks till our wedding! So I'm going to go work on making pew bows and whatever else I can get into! It's gonna be a busy last few weeks.

Mom and I get to keep my niece Ava for a whole week the first week of December and we're so excited. It'll be the first I've really got to spend time with her since I lived in North Carolina 2 years ago! She's growing so fast I should put some pics up on this post of her!

This was when Keith had his boat she would go on fishing or boating trips with her daddy and loved it!
This was Christmas probably a year or more ago she would kiss the snowmen on Alicia's tree and tell them goodnight when she went to bed!
I just absolutely love this picture of her! She's such a little princess! This was after she had learned to walk so it's a little older I'll try to put some new stuff up here eventually!
This is Ava with Daddy after his return from Iraq on his first tour! She was sure one happy girl! I don't have the pictures from a month ago when He returned from Iraq from His second tour!
She had got a hold of Papaw's (my dad's) reading glasses and was trying to walk around our house it was quite comical! She would stop and look at you over top of them and then try to walk or stumble as it looked! LOL
Mommy took her to feed the ducks at a park on the Neusse River ( I can't remember how to spell it! LOL) where they live.
This was probably about a year ago! Sorry I do have newer stuff just don't have the CD right now! She's adorable though!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Boxes.....Boxes.....And More Boxes

This is a picture of our house. It looks different now because we've started moving stuff in and I'll maybe put some other pics up here sometime of the inside! We're quite excited to be able to get a house instead of an apartment! It's a little bigger and bit more private.

Well I've been cleaning today and organizing wedding stuff! I spray painted some candle a`bras I found at a yard sale this summer and painted them gold! I've been doing a mountain of laundry!

Bud is to come this weekend and get a load of stuff for the house since he'll be moving into it this week! I'll have to post a good picture of it up here.

For starters this morning I got up and was running the bath water when it started losing pressure and so my Dad had to go to the basement and try and fix it! Well he said you better do with what ya have because it's not gonna work! So I was in the middle of a load of laundry and running bath water and I need to run the dishwasher all of it takes water! We have water now it just needed a jump start sorta what I feel like I need about right now!

I'm listening to Christmas Music and it makes me want to get out stuff and decorate but I'll be moving about then!

I kept awaking with each txt that came into my phone this morning although it was on vibrate! My cousin was going to a last Palin rally today and she was to leave at 5 am! So she kept txting me about that and then Bud goes in to work really early and he always sends me a txt before going in to work so that came through. Then I got about three txts between 6:30 and 6:45 between Joanna and Bud! But o Well I should've been getting up then anyways!

I've got about 15-17 boxes of stuff for my wedding that I'm going through. But hey gotta run I think my next load is ready to hang out on the line (we don't have a working dryer! we have one but it's not hooked up to electric!) so I must go because I really want to get my laundry done today!

TTYL- Signing off the Kuhn Family Journal!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New to Blog Ring

I decided since so many of my friends are on here I'd join in the fun as well! I know I've made this with my married name already but the wedding is only a month and half away so I figured rather than have to change everything later I'd just do it all that way now!

There's still alot of planning going on! Bud and I had our engagment pics done this past week! My cousin and one of my 5 bridesmaids did them for me Joanna. She's really good with photography and she's laid back and it's easy to have fun while doing pictures. I might try to upload some of them onto here!

He will be moving into our house sometime in the next week or so. I've already moved some stuff over there not a lot just mostly kitchen stuff. And of course some bridal shower gifts that needed to go there anyways! I'll post some pics up of our house and y'all can check them out!