Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend!

It was good to get away and visit my parents for a few days. We'll be heading back home to PA today and back to work tomorrow. My mom has been trying out some new Taste Of Home recipes and a casserole cookbook I'm gonna have to get it has some delicious looking recipes in it!
My home church in Salem here had good services yesterday Pastor Grabill with God's help does an awesome job!
I also joined face book this weekend and didn't realize how many people I knew that were on there!
Mom and I plan to go garden shopping today. And I'm also to be getting my wedding photos! I'm so excited It's been almost 5 months that we've been married. I guess they've been done for awhile but no one could get a hold of us!
Well that's about all for now I'll update again later. Not much to write!
I will be starting Junior church in a few weeks and our church is in revival with Bro. Joe Smith this week. Hopefully I can make it with mine and Bud's work schedules!