Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Musings from the Library

I was able to get out today and make it to the library in Mcdonald and found that they have internet there so I could check email and update my blogspot.

Kevin my younger brother is leaving for Marine boot camp today so please keep him in your prayers. He is not a Christian as far as we know but we are praying. Bud and I in our devotions last night prayed especially for him and for my mom who is going to be going through a rough time with it because all of her kids are gone now! 2 married and one away from home now in the military!

Bud and I have been doing good. Boy does 3:45 am come quickly! Bud started back to work on Monday and I've been trying to be a good little wifey and get up with him in the morning to see him off but boy is that early! I feel guilty that I get to go back to bed and he has to work! LOL He told me this morning he was jealous of me LOL! :) Plus it gets boring in the long days when he's gone thankfully today I could get out and do something. He had my car yesterday which was fine I had some stuff to do around the house anyways!

My parents are coming for New Year's I think and we'll have a big New Year's dinner! That'll help mom I hope with coping with all of the kids being gone!

Well I better get off here I've got some shopping I need to do so I can get home and be there when my hubby gets off! TTYL
Mrs. Kuhn