Saturday, May 30, 2009

Musings from the Library!

Well I guess it's been awhile since I updated here don't have much time anymore!

I start doing junior church tomorrow so I've been preparing for that (in between being sick!). I'm doing a theme I did before but I'm enhancing it and hoping it will be better the second time through it's called "NEW JERUSALEM TOUR" it's all about the sites in heaven.

Last weekend we spent at our families cabin back up in the mountains here in PA. It was fun except the pump on the well quit working so we had to haul water from the creek about a half to a mile down the road! It was fun though. We went wading in the creek it was so cold my skin turned red! Although it did feel good because it was hot all weekend. Then on Monday we attended the Reitz family reunion I hadn't been there for 2 years so it nice to see everyone.

Last week Bud was sick for three days and missed work and now I think I've got a touch of it. I've been up and around but not feeling so great! We've been sick so much I think we keep giving it back and forth! Maybe I should start sleeping on the couch! LOL (just kidding!)

Well i guess I better not stay on here too long I have some more visual work to do for junior church tomorrow I just wanted to update a little!