Monday, January 19, 2009

Visiting with In-Laws

Bud and I went to Logan this weekend to visit his family! We had a blast.

Bud preached the Sunday night service and we sang.

Saturday we went shopping (me and the girls!) we went to Texas Road house to eat and then went to the mall. I got a new shirt and skirt and stuff from Bath & Body works.

We had Christmas with them on Friday I love the gifts I got, a candle melter(with wax melts), Recipe cards, picture frames, and a liner for a recipe basket I got as a wedding gift.

They were videoing me yesterday while I was sleeping because I was snoring they said they were gonna put it on U-tube! LOL Then Bud had to use that as an illustration in his sermon last night! LOL I guess that's the first of many family illustrations!

Well, we're heading back out to Pa today. So I guess I'll go for now I'll update later. I still don't have a car since our little accident so I won't be able to get out much still till we can get to my parents and get their car! LOL