Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tukey Day gone for another year!

Well I had a pretty good turkey day. We went to my grandma's in Pa and spent the day. My grandma, My aunt Bonnie, My Mom, And My Cousin Gina and I tied 202 rice bags for Bud and I's wedding!

Today is 21 days till the wedding, it's gonna be hectic! Although last night was my last day of work since they didn't put me on the schedule at all for next week! That really upset me and made me feel like I'd been fired but I guess we'll make it somehow! I'm just gonna have to learn to trust on God more!

Please pray that I'll be able to find a job quickly over in PA! I'm nervous about it. I'm gonna try to do some housecleaning jobs and piano lessons and we'll see how that goes!

Well My brother and Ava are going to be here tomorrow and I have cleaning to do today before a Bridal Shower this afternoon so I better go!

Signing off the Kuhn Family Journals