Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visiting with the In-Laws and a Birthday!

Today is Bud's birthday he turned 26 (says he's old! LOL). We came to visit Bud's family for a few days. We've not been down since January so it was nice to get away! I think we're coming back next week for another visit and a concert I think!

I went out today and got Bud his favorite kind of cake, Ice Cream cake from DQ!!!! We're having tacos for supper at A. Sharon's.

It's been relaxing so far and we're having fun but we'll be heading home tomorrow for work on Thursday.

I like it down here it's very relaxing and it's so warm!!!! I'm not sure what the temp is but it's quite warm!

Kevin graduates from boot camp next Friday. I really wish I could fly down and see him but can't afford that right now. He starts his crucible tomorrow so if any of y'all think about it pray for him it'll be the worst 3 days of the whole boot camp it's where they earn their, Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Also Keith is in recruiter training in San Diego, California and he needs prayer too. If Keith does not pass this training he will get deployed immediatley to Afghanistan! Otherwise he'll be stateside for 3 years and really that would be great especially for his little family in the last 3-4 years he's been deployed 3 times all for 6 months tours, 2 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan.

Well I guess I'm gonna get off here and get back to visiting with family! (seems still a little strange that I have in-laws now! LOL It's great I love them!) TTYL