Monday, June 1, 2009


Well yesterday was the kick off sunday for Junior Church we're doing a theme on Heaven called the New Jerusalem Tour and had 7 children present and hopefully more to come!

Then for youth we had 10 young people plus the pastor's wife, myself and hubby! We've only been having around 3-4 usually so that was a big encouragment and they all seem excited to get into it and we're planning some youth fun things like a bonfire/singspiration and a table game night and stuff and then at the end of June will be the South Eastern Ohio youth camp in Nelsonville that we may have a few that might go to that so that'll be a new experience!

It's so encouraging to see God move! He's been working in both of our lives and I know especially in mine He's been showing me places where I need to move up and to do better. He's a great big wonderful God!