Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wedding Excitement is in the air!

Wow 2 days till the big day! We're going to be decorating the church today. My mom keeps telling me I'm gonna have a beautiful wedding I don't know if it's really sunk in yet that I am really getting married! I'm excited and can't wait!

This week has flown by so far and I thought it would drag by! We've got so much to do this will probably be my last post here for awhile because Bud and I don't have internet at our house so I'll have to go to the library to do all this stuff!

Please pray that I can find a job and quickly. I talked to a lady from the church and she wrote me an email today letting me know of a few places that were hiring one I'm not that interested in and the other I'm very interested in it's working with mentally handicapped people helping them do stuff like balancing their check book, shopping, and budgeting and stuff. Please pray that I can land something good because it's going to be really tough for Bud and I if I don't!

I also want to thank the Lord for an answer to prayer. This past weekend while I was in Pa for the Youth program and get together my aunt discovered my little cousin (whom she has custody of) was badly burned on the arm, so she rushed her to the hospital they preceded to get indignant with her and called the Child and Youth Services people about it saying that she had neglected the little one. The situation is very sad between the parents they were fighting the night it happened and didn't bother to get her medical attention and never let my aunt know what had happened so my aunt was afraid she was gonna lose the girls (there are two sisters she has custody of). We prayed very hard because my Aunt is not one who neglects her kids (of which she has 14 now including the two granddaughters. Any how the CYS people came and once they realized what happened my aunt asked them something about taking the girls and the lady told her "we're not taking the girls out of your custody!" Praise the Lord for an answer to prayer! Please pray because they are still not out of the woods with this thing yet the CYS people still have to investigate the other children in the home.