Friday, February 13, 2009

Short Sweet and to the Point!

Well this post is gonna be short but just giving an update on what's been happening in our world.

My dad got released from the hospital on wednesday late so my parents came and stayed at our house for the night. He's okay and getting back to normal. However we also found out that my aunt who is a school teacher in stoneboro is very sick. She had an emergency surgery on wednesday I believe and she's still not out of the woods. Please pray for her (Bonnie Ritchey is her name)!

I went and put in an application at a minnonite bulk foods store that's about 7 miles from our house and it sounds pretty promising! Also my aunt called last night to say that the school wants me to bring in some flyers and business cards for piano lessons and they'll pass them out! And then I got an email about a nanny job thats just three days a week which is all really want! So continue to pray that the Lord works things out!

Well so much for short and sweet! Gotta go!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a whirlwind week!

It's been beautiful weather as far as temp goes this week so far! I've had the windows open twice I would today too but we're not home!

My dad has been in the hospital this week due to an upper resparitory infection that we thought was a heart problem again. He's been undergoing stress tests today but has been in the hospital since Monday night. Thank the Lord for giving him a touch so that he is starting to feel better.

Bud and I have been doing all kinds of running around trying to get our new vehicle which is a Grand Jeep Cherokee! PA laws are nuts and they're driving us nuts anyone else have an issue with that! Have to go through so many loops and laws and regulations! LOL O well such is life and the government!

I've finally got 2 piano students so that's a little income for me but not nearly enough please continue to help me pray that I either get more students or I get a job!

Well I better go got lots to do today with all this running. My hubby is in this library somewhere just don't know where!