Monday, June 15, 2009

Enjoying a day off!

Well today is my last day off now till the weekend so I'm trying to use it wisely in cleaning and laundry! LOL Bud was mowing the lawn and saw a black and yellow snake (YIKES!!!!). I hope it's gone because I need to work in the flower beds as well as get some more garden stuff planted! So much to do!
Yesterday for youth we only had 3 young people plus and Bud and myself but we still had it anyways. If we cancelled for all the times we only had a few the devil would always win! We can't let him do that! We also only had 3 for children's church but we had a good time anyhow! The kids were trying to get out of me later what happens in the continued story of Pilgrim's Progress and I just told them they would have to come back next time! LOL They went Oooooh!
Bud was all excited that the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley cup! They're the only Pittsburgh team he'll root for! And we only live 20 miles from Pittsburgh! LOL
Well just wanted to update on here a bit! We'll be going to help out at a youth camp the end of next week for the weekend. We're gonna get to go canoeing! YAY!!!! Bud is in charge of the youth for the closing weekend of camp! Seems like our summer is filling up so fast with stuff to do. We've got 2 youth get together's this weekend one on Friday one on Saturday. Keeps us hopping! Well I gotta run! TTYL

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