Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Happenings

Well alot of water has been rushing under the bridge (not just running actually rushing!). I'm back to doing junior church on Sunday mornings now. Kinda like I used to do before I was married. It's quite different not getting to sit with my hubby in church anymore well for the next two months then I get time off!
I guess one reason why I haven't been on here is I forgot my login info and I've been on Facebook more often than here!
I don't really have time to post everything that has happened in the last few month being that it's been interesting. My husband will be having a surgery on his foot to correct a bone issue that has caused him excruciating pain over the last several years. We just went and had e-xrays and found out what was happening. Although I know God is able to heal him and who knows maybe when they go for the cat scan it'll be healed! I'm trusting God! It's been quite discouraging cuz when it rains it pours! But O well God is still in Control of everything. ( I just need to remember this!)
Well I've got to get back to work, maybe I'll post a bit more later!

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