Monday, October 12, 2009

Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles

What do we do with them and sure don't know what to do without them! It seems when one goes the other has to follow! LOL
Did Junior church on Sunday again had 5 children. I'm doing a theme I've done before but at another church called "Fall into God's Word" it's a fall theme about the Bible. But it seems I add to the theme's I've done before each time I redo them! I'll try to post pics, they have to be from my phone because I lost our camera!
Those of you that read this blog please pray about an opportunity for a children's ministry conference in the area where we live. It's going to be brought before at least two Ministerial Associations possibly 3 in the area (McDonald, Imperial, Robinson)these Associations include different pastors from different churches these towns I named are just the main place it includes several smaller towns in these areas . I feel God is helping in the planning of it. It's been a thought running around in my head for awhile. If any of you would have ideas for speakers please contact me. Also if anyone has ideas for vendors etc. please let me know. I'm going to try to get a website for it up and going soon. My pastor hopefully will be taking a packet of information God helped me put together to one of the meetings hopefully this week! Please pray God will help us in this endeavor! Also if anyone is close to the Pittsburgh area and would like to join us I will let you know the details when we really get our first one put together!
Well, I'm a bit tired so I'm going to sign off!

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